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Success Coach Liz has a way of making you positive about the future, I clearly remember a few words that marked me: she said I was to be successful within 5 years, and I´d better believe it, and expect it…so I tried to… and here I am being advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture of my country! I appreciate her seeing in me what I didn´t even know existed.

Miss Lucía Vargas
Advisor to Ministry of Agriculture
Costa Rica
June, 2018

Success Coach Liz worked with us briefly for a couple of months and it was clear how organization is actually a synonym to success. If things are on paper it is easier to keep track and to avoid the risk of human talent leaks.

Lic. Juliana Gillen
Operations Director at Oxford International until 2015, Costa Rica
July, 2018

Success Coach Liz is a truly professional engineer with a great passion for continuous improvement, and wonderful work ethics.

MBA. Mr. Alejandro Díaz
Director of Operations at Edulink
Texas Tech, Costa Rica
August, 2018

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